Amazone Academy

Our Amazone Academy utilizes this unique environment to create out-of-the-box learning
that can be customized to student needs, ages and abilities.

Water Heroes

Students can get hands-on training under the supervision of our world-class certified life-guards as they learn how to develop their swimming skills and learn the basics of how to stay safe in the water.

Tourism and Water Management

CN Amazone is an ideal setting to learn about the global tourism industry with its multicultural environment and diverse clientele. Our leading-edge water waste system is one of the most efficient in the world of theme parks, and provides an excellent study of the importance of water management and waste water systems.

Physics and General Science

From grades 9-12, our waterpark can provide an experiential learning opportunity to test and learn principles in physics. From calculating ride velocity, resistance, wave amplitudes, water displacement, PH balancing and more, students will never forget this exciting and applicable science lesson.

CN Kitchen


Our in-house bakery can provide simple baked items that can animated by the students with frosting and candies to create adorable characters that are absolutely delicious! This will be a treat they’ll relish and remember for the whole year.

We provide printable instructions for a range of yummy items that they can try at home with their families and friends.